Neutrals and Bolds Are Trending This Winter

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Neutrals & Bolds trending this winter

Throughout 2016, we’ve seen two major trends emerging when talking about colour.  Neutrals are still strong, conveying a modern crispness to a tone-on-tone look.  Coming from the opposite spectrum, rich bold colours are also making an impact.  We’ve seen a departure from grey as the standard go-to in walls and furniture colour.  As we move deeper into fall, jewel tones are becoming more popular. Neutrals and bolds are trending this winter.  Do you have to choose?

 Go Bold!

rich-blue-wallThroughout the year we’ve seen lots of bold blue tones trending in furniture and wall colours.  Lucky you if blue is your favourite colour!   Deeper into fall the blues are becoming richer and darker, bringing more depth of colour & coziness to our rooms.  You’ll be ecstatic about seeing rich textural navy and indigo appearing in sofas and chairs.  Paired with similar tones in paint and wallpaper, a deep blue room can make a stunning impact.

Staying Neutral..

white-bedroom-with-textureIf bold coloured walls aren’t really your thing, staying neutral is always on trend.  Layering shades of white or beige on top of a white background is a classic look that won’t go out of style.  Alternately pairing black & white feels modern and crisp.  Remember to add depth and layers by using different textures in your fabrics.  Wool, chenille, & flannel in pillows and throws ensure you get the cozy feel of layering.



Have It All!

white-room-navy-sofaWho says you have to choose?  Staying neutral allows more flexibility to your colour scheme because accessories can be changed easily when the mood or season strikes.  If indigo is your favourite colour, bring in some a few hits to add some pizzazz.  You can add pops in strategic places with throws and pillows, or change your rug to tie it all together.  Remember to keep it simple; less is usually more.


Let us know how you bring colour to your space!



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