Staging Tips

Nothing says ‘buy me’ like a fresh, clean inviting space. In order to create this space for your potential buyers, follow the basic staging tips below to help get your home ready for sale.

Clean Everything

Including windows, walls and carpets. Take time to get into those little corners where dirt accumulates. Remove marks from walls and if possible add a fresh coat of paint. Nothing entices buyers more than a clean, fresh space that needs little to no work.


Fix What’s Broken

Check light switches, window latches, door locks and electrical outlets to make sure everything is fully functioning. Leaving broken or missing parts can turn away potential buyers. Replace burnt out light bulbs & lube squeaky hinges. When everything is in proper working order, buyers have confidence that the property has been well-looked after.



Everyone wants more closet space! Pull everything out and sort into piles. Get rid of anything you don’t need, and pack away rarely-used items away in plastic bins. Last seasons’ clothing & shoes can be boxed and stored. So can extra towels & linens. It’s important that closets and cupboards appear as tidy and spacious as possible.


Edit your Belongings

Get a head start on packing! Remove personal items like family photos, children’s knick knacks, & personal art collections … these can sometimes influence a buyers opinion of your home. In order to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, this is best achieved by keeping the space neutral.



Keep surfaces clean & organized and as clutter-free as possible. Pack away as many unnecessary or rarely used items as possible so that all rooms appear spacious and roomy. This will ensure you get maximum return on your investment.