Fall Curb Appeal

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With the cooler weather making it’s approach, it’s time to batton down the hatches and make ready for the longest of Canadian seasons, Winter.. While here on the West Coast, we have it comparatively easier than our Eastern friends, there are still lots of things to do at this time of year.

Start with some basic outdoor maintenance to ready your property for wetter and windier times ahead. Here’s a little check list to tidy things up:

  • Rake leaves and collect them for compost. Removing dead leaves from grass is a great idea, as it allows the grass to stay healthy and green over the winter. The leaves can be piled around more delicate plants or spread over soil for a protective, composting layer.
  • Clean out dead leaves and built up residue from gutters and roofs, as more fallen twigs and leaves will soon be piling up.
  • Fall pruning is a good idea for tidying up unruly summer growth, but you need to check which plants can be pruned in fall. Don’t prune off any branches that have next years flowering buds.. Prune only the plants that bud on new growth in the spring.
  • Basic window and door maintenance can be a good idea at this time of year. Ensure all are in proper working order and don’t have torn or missing seals.

Once the hard work is out of the way, now you can move on to the fun stuff!

Create some new fall planters to decorate your doorstep! It’s a great time to remove the dying summer annuals and addsome fall colour in deep reds, golds, and oranges. Tall grasses make a great back drop for plants and flowers. Here are some helpful tips:

  • The size and shape of the planters should determine height and number of plants. Tall narrow planters require equally tall plants for correct balance (tall grasses are perfect)
  • Create arrangements of complimentary colours; reds, oranges and yellows are in profusion at this time of year, and look great against a green backdrop. Remember to take into account the colours of your front door, brickwork, and containers.
  • Look for some interesting texture. Shiny leaves and bright berries contrast nicely against feathery grasses. Choose plants with different texture to place together in a container.

Visit your local garden centre for some more great ideas, and enjoy the cool crisp (and possibly wet) days of fall!

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