Make Your Walls Say Wow!

Add Some Pizazz & Make Your Walls Say Wow!


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I know I’ve talked about it before, but wallpaper is one of my favourite things! What better way to brighten up a room and add a little pizazz than by installing a beautiful pattern on a feature wall to attract the eye.
Over the years I have wallpapered a few walls in different homes. I once wallpapered a living room wall in a bronzy coloured paper that had a gold geometric swirl. It was fairly sedate but had some shimmer, so the overall look was very classy. The rest of the walls were a lighter colour, so having one dark wall added a moody feel. The wallpaper in the bedroom was dark orangey-red colour and featured contrasting tree branches for interest. It only took one wall in each room to transform the feeling of the home and add some interest.

Evoking Emotions


Cranes Wallpaper, Anthropologie

In another house I chose the main living room wall to paper. It was a big boring expanse of white, having originally featured a window that had been removed by previous owners. Not having any large pieces of art, I thought wallpaper might come to my rescue. The walls were mostly white, with the odd splash of eggplant I’d painted on a few other feature walls, so I chose a pale green velvety paper to compliment the purple. It featured texture and a repeating cream geometric pattern, which was subtle and very stylish, and it really made me happy when I looked at it!


Make an Impact!


Artemis Wallpaper, Anthropologie


As far as prints, there are so many beautiful papers to choose from. Geometrics are always a good standby because of the repeating pattern which provides consistency and offers a background that doesn’t detract from other design motifs you might have going. Simple lines or concentric circles are just enough to add a bit of interest to a room. For a more classic look, French Toile has is making a comeback and there are some beautiful prints in different colours offering a more traditional take on wallpaper. If you’re feeling a little wild, choose from the myriad of florals, leafy jungle prints and animals that abound todya.  These papers will really add some flavour to a room and make your walls say wow!



Leopards Wallpaper, Anthropologie

Be Yourself

You can choose to be bold, subtle or somewhere in between, reflecting your own design style and taste.  Some of the offerings are fairly low commitment too, so you can get panels which feature an adhesive that make them really easy to remove. Making a change can quick and easy!

Get Inspired!

Have a look at the links below to connect to some beautiful paper ideas:

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