Staging sets your home apart from the competition

Spring is right around the corner! If you are thinking about selling your home, staging sets your home apart from the competition.

Vancouver is a hot market..Is staging your home really necessary?

Our city has a history of quick flips, multiple offers, and buying without inspections because the market has been on a constant upswing. The current housing market is potentially making sales a little tougher. Competition has become a little more fierce. Staging gives you an edge that sets your home apart from the rest.

Basic tips to get you started

  • Most buyers will pay more for a home that’s move-in ready, so get those minor repairs & small reno’s taken care of. It’s amazing how a small thing like finding a light that won’t turn on can turn a potential buyer away. They may get the underlying message that there could be other problems lurking beneath the surface. Fix anything that’s broken, paint any walls or small areas that need a slight retouch. If there’s more work than you can handle, hire a professional to take on the bigger jobs.
  • The kitchen is one of – if not THE – most important room in the house to many buyers. They will inspect the fridge and open every door to scrutinize every space… make sure everything works as it should. Check hinges and loose handles, electrical outlets & lights, make sure all appliances are in working order. Perhaps most important, make sure everything is fresh and clean.
  • The same points apply to bathrooms, it’s super important to ensure sure they are clean & fresh and everything works properly. No dripping faucets please!
  • Buyers want to see spacious rooms. Get a head start on packing and clear away those magazines & piles of ironing that are stacking up in the corners. Let buyers see the most of your space. It will help you later when it’s time to move!

Staging sets your home apart from the competition

  • Buyers need to see rooms set up as they were intended. Instead of using that spare room as a bike room or art studio, convert it to something that will have wider appeal. Creating a nursery or office will help to sell your home faster.
  • A stager can help you organize your rooms and sort what needs to packed away and what can stay. If needed, we’ll suggest some ideas to supplement what you already own. This helps to bring in a fresh new look and feel to your space, and sets your home apart from the competition!
  • These tips will help to get you started..More to follow in the next session.

When it’s time to sell call me for a consultation and make your move a little easier!

If you know of something that homeowners really want to see in a property, leave a comment here.

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