Staging Your Home Will Attract More Buyers

Staging Your Home Will Attract More Buyers


There’s a lot of talk these days about home staging. Just turn on the TV and you’ll find at least half a dozen shows geared towards renovating and refurbishing a home for sale. Once the rooms have been opened up, and new flooring and cabinetry installed, it all comes down to the showcasing. The final reveal is beautifully furnished and showcased to appeal to a mass market. Staging your home will attract more buyers.


Know Your Competition


The housing market today is a much more competitive market than it once was. For starters, homes are marketed initially online, and 99% of home buyers search online for properties before they start their open house viewings. But in order to sell your home, you have to get buyers through the door. By knowing  your competition you will exceed your buyers’ expectations. If other homes in your neighbourhood have newly renovated kitchens and landscaped gardens, you have to show your home is on par.


Picture Perfect


Showcasing your home and having great listing photos will ensure you make it onto a buyers top 10 list of properties to view. Present your home as spacious, clean and bright and showcase each room in it’s best possible light. Make sure rooms are being used as they were intended. Your goal is to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Ask yourself what buyers are looking for and if your home is meeting their needs.


Buyers Today


All buyers are different, and everyone has their own particular wish list for the property of their dreams. One may want a marble countertop, and another may be looking for polished concrete in the kitchen. You can’t satisfy every single desire but you can widen your potential market by following a few general rules about preparing a home for sale. Staging your home will attract more buyers.


Stage to SellTime to organize bedroom closet with chair


Staging a home for sale is really just prepping your home for its next owner. It involves making sure everything is in working order and all rooms are thoroughly cleaned before you hold an open house. This is very important because it puts buyers at ease and makes them feel your property has been well looked after. You can present your home as spacious and uncluttered by organizing and editing your possessions. This is a good opportunity to get a head start on packing, and leaves you feeling in control and ahead of the game.

Keep it Neutral


The best rule of thumb for staging your home for sale is to keep it neutral, which generally just means appealing to the masses. It’s the best way to attract the most number of potential buyers. If you need to repaint, don’t do anything wild. Use pale creams or greys that add warmth and style to a space without overpowering a room. Accessorize in tones that work with your paint and accent colours. Use your artwork and rugs as inspiration and add accessories in the same colours.

Remember, it’s a competitive market out there, so do as much as you can to maximize the return on your investment.

Follow my staging tips to get started, and give me a call for a consultation on how we can present your home in it’s best light.

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